Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Most Delicious Potato?

I shared some of the many, and I mean MANY potatoes I have received from our winter CSA with my mom. I warned her that the potatoes were really dense and took forever to cook. Tonight she emailed me and said "That was the most delicious potato I have ever eaten."  I had to read the email twice. A potato was worth commenting on? Really? It was a potato, we not talking tomatoes or strawberries here, and then I realized, of course it probably was the most delicious potato she had ever eaten. It was grown by two people who actually care about what they produce. It wasn't flown half way around the world, picked before it could have any flavor. It wasn't sprayed with wax or 12 different kind of pesticides (that no one has tested the effects of mixing together). This potato still had the dirt from the earth which it was picked. This potato is real and it actually had flavor.

I have been thinking about how to define real food and why it's important to me. My mom's comment pretty much sums it up. If you are going to eat - and we all have to - shouldn't it all be delicious?

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