Friday, March 26, 2010

Monsanto and the Government

I read this on Food Freedom's blog and thought I would share. It is one more example of corporations having too much control in the government and our government not doing their jobs. Clarence Thomas isn't the only one. I just heard on the radio the other day that most of the people appointed by Bush for Department of Enviromental Protection Agency have moved onto big oil companies. And yes I understand they are making big salaries and good for them, but it still leaves me wondering how much of an environmenalist anyone could be?

Monsanto is like the evil empire to me. Their mission as every business's mission is to sell product. I totally get that, but what I have a problem with companies selling neuro-toxins that are basically unregulated, that aren't tested in many cases and until recently were only tested on men. Did we forget our children's bodies are more sensitive than an adult? I presume most of you have read somewhere by now that there are an average of 10 different pesticides on your conventionally grown food. Did you know that no one has tested how they all react together? As I grumbled in an earlier post, strawberries are sprayed with relative from Agent Orange. We all know how well Agent Orange worked.

I have a problem with a company claiming that small farmers are stealing the intellecual property of Monsanto's GMO seeds. There have been several cases where the seed of another farmer has spilled and been blown into the unsuspecting small farmer's land.

So yes, I'm on my soap box again, but these things are important to me. The only way to change it is to change what we buy. And Please go ahead check the facts. I urge everyone to really find out what is in your food.

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  1. So Emi, what about "organic" foods as they relate to pesticides. Sure I could google but I'ld rather read what you have to say. At any time do pesticides touch our organic foods? What happens if the soil was once used for planting under pesticide conditions and is now used for organic? Why is it that these foods are more expensive when they dont travel as far and no expensive pesticides (additives) are used?


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