Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Using Leftovers for Lunch

Salad for lunch today! At least half of my lunches are salad. They are easy to throw together. Today we had a lot of left overs in the fridge and the yogurt and granola I had for breakfast has vanished. What got me started were the lentil and rice cakes I made the other night. I had put them in my salad yesterday and they were really tasty, so I thought I would do that again, then I found the Tahini, Tamari and Ginger Grilled Chicken I made last night and cut some of that up, added leftover black beans, tomatoes, green pepper, green olives and my favorite blue cheese, all of which was tossed over the baby spinach I used as my base.

Point being, be creative with your leftovers, make a sandwich, a salad or combine a couple of different things. I just read that American waste almost 50% of their consumable food. Don't be hesitant to combine flavors. I have been experimenting with different flavor combinations, like tomato and blueberries (really good) just to try something different.

AND as I wrote in an earlier blog post, salads are simple and travel well. This one took me less than 5 minutes. When I am working at the office I frequently will toss a salad together in a huge plastic container and bring a bottle of salad dressing.

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