Thursday, April 7, 2011

What is Healthy Anyways?

The more I learn and talk to people the more I realize that we all have different ideas of what healthy eating is. For me healthy eating means eating primarily organic whole foods, lots of veggies and sustainably raised, pastured meats, and sustainably caught fish. I am trying to incorporate more vegetarian meals into our diet, but I don't see myself becoming a vegetarian or vegan. I have friends that are both and they are happy and living well. I seem to need more protein..

I also don't really deprive myself of anything either, so when I want dessert I eat it. The same with french fries. The key for me is moderation. Most of the time I eat really well and I enjoy what I'm eating.

What is healthy eating for you? What makes you feel great? Or not so much? And what is your favorite indulgence?


  1. Moderation is the key. If your are trying to start on a course towards healthy eating and are not sure how to proceed try reading "Food Rules" by Michael Pollan. It makes me feel great to know that healthy food is becoming more accessible. What concerns me is that agribusiness and chemical companies promote choices that are not healthy. Become better informed as to where your food comes from so that you can make a healthy choice. As of late my favorite indulgence has been local, slow-cooked barbecue.

  2. My definition of healthy eating is pretty close to yours - I focus on nutrient density and low glycemic, but I too splurge on special occasions on things that I know are terrible for me! But, my body can handle it :)

  3. HI Nisha! Thanks for comment. Indulging in "junk food" once in a while is fine. It's one thing to be conscious of what you eat, but it shouldn't make you crazy :) Enjoy!


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